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Walking on Earth

Walking on Earth

Posted on Sunday, June 4, 2023

About the team

What we are about

We are committed to building the best team that walks this earth. This means bringing people from all walks of life, who add to our culture rather than simply fit into it. We give this a lot of thought and are constantly testing and improving our what, how, why and with whom.
We are deep thinkers, big readers and even bigger dreamers. We are self-reflectors and philosophers united in a lifetime's work of discovery. We are yogis, salsa dancers, cyclists, surfers and triathletes. Our passions may be different in form but are equal in energy; we seek flow states in everything we do.
Whilst we are far from the finished product, our identity is connected by our 'why'; a collective passion to elevate human happiness. We don't want it to be a question of living to work or working to live; we want to do what we love and call it a passion. We believe in balance across the entirety of life and so at our core is our drive to practice what we preach; if we work to reduce workplace stress, that has to start at home. If we can't do that in our own backyard, why should anyone else look to us for the gold standard?
From flexible working arrangements, private and team wellness sessions, retreats in Tuscan villas, Good News Friday meetings and team wellness themes; to autonomy, mastery, purpose and radical candour; we are fully committed to building the best place to work on earth.

Who we are: spotlight on some of our team members

CEO & Founder, Walking on Earth, Ex VP Strategy, BenevolentAI, Jivamukti yoga teacher, BA Experimental Psychology Oxford, MA Global Affairs Yale
A career highlight is running away from the police in the park during our first photoshoot for the launch of our app...
WonE's mission is important to Reeva because she believes we've lost touch with our health. Our society has created an unsustainable and unhealthy pattern of living where stress is seen as a necessary byproduct of success.
When we've used technology to advance nearly all aspects of our life, it seems crazy that we're leaving our health behind. We all deserve to be healthy. And through Walking on Earth, I believe we can make such an ideal come true! You can read more about why I started Walking on Earth in this blog post.
Reeva is happiest when on a surfboard in the middle of the sea.
Her top stress management technique is activities that put me in a flow state in nature - walking my dog Dino in Hampstead Heath, a yoga sequence in the garden or surfing in the Atlantic.
The most influential books on her life have been: Let my people go surfing, When Breath Becomes Air and of course Present Moment, Wonderful Moment (the inspiration behind the name Walking on Earth).
Ex poker pro, party organiser, English teacher, Uber onboarder, Deliveroo team leader, Holiday designer, Lyvly Operations associate and Customer Experience whizz
Career highlight was leading a team of around 10 inbound representatives at Deliveroo and achieving the highest answer rate ever recorded for a quarter (96% in Q2).
WonE's mission is important to Graham because it aligns with my own personal journey to elevate my personal happiness and experiences while also adding to those around me with the energy, enthusiasm and joy for life that I bring.
He is happiest when he's meeting new people in new and exotic places, learning new things about the world and himself. And making people laugh of course!
Graham's top stress management technique has to be playing with his cat Rambo... Otherwise floating in a tank or doing his morning Wim Hoff breathing techniques.
The books with the biggest impact on his life are The subtle art of not giving a f%$k and The Game and Shantaram
Ex VC, ex founder, ex food-tech, health-tech and fintech. Yoga, meditation and breathwork teacher. Ironman winner, classically trained musician across six instruments, Oxford scholar.
A career highlight: Representing London to the Middle East and Australia... in March 2020... as the world went into lockdown...
WonE's mission is important to Jess because: 18 months into (a brutal battle with) long covid, she has a deep understanding of both chronic illness and the burnout that can come from the stress of high performance.
She defines her life as a mission to constantly elevate her own happiness and wellbeing, so it's a dream come true to work with an organisation on the very same mission!
The books with the biggest impact on her life are: all detailed on the spreadsheet she built due to the volume of requests she received for book recommendations... Top three are ever changing but currently: The Happiness Advantage, The Body Keeps the Score, Invisible Women & Good to Great.
Jess is happiest when: sat on a beach deciding between surfing, reading, or thinking.
Her top stress management technique is: Nadi shodan breathing (warning: you get strange looks on the tube [if anyone looks up from their phone])

We are guided by world class advisors including...

Brent Hoberman
Co-founder of Founders Forum, Founders Factory and First Minute Capital
Serial entrepreneur incl., Made, Karakuri
Arianna Huffington
Founder, The Huffington Post & Thrive Global
Author of 15 books
Time's 100 world's most influential people
Mandeep Singh
Co-founder and ex-CEO, Trouva
Investor / Advisor in Urban, Foxtons, Thrift +
Dylan Curley
SVP Product Development, BenevolentAI
Google senior engineering manager
Harvard University