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Senior Software Engineer (Back-end, C#)



Software Engineering
Posted on Tuesday, June 4, 2024

At Trafi we build connected mobility solutions that help people, cities and companies move towards a more balanced and sustainable future. We work with cities to connect and automate all their mobility options – from public transport to micromobility and every service in between – into a single platform.

We aims to help people navigate their city smoother. By providing reality reflecting, accurate and timely information, narrowing down traveling options to suit any circumstances and personal preferences, we eliminate time wasted waiting for the vehicle or apologizing for being late.

We reach our goal by developing products for automatic public transport data preparation, arrival time estimation, and intermodal routing.

That is why we are seeking a Senior Software Engineer (Backend, C#) to improve the product and its technical quality. The engineer would be involved during the full project life cycle - designing and, together with the product teams, negotiating the solution, expanding core services, building, deploying, monitoring, and supporting the product.

At Trafi you will work in a fast-paced agile environment, so you should be the type of person who enjoys that. We think fast, learn fast and deliver fast, we get our hands dirty and enjoy solving new technical challenges that we face. You will have a high degree of autonomy and responsibility, so you can contribute with your own ideas, try out new technologies, and create real impact. At the same time, you will be surrounded by a team of some of the most brilliant engineers, who can provide stimulating feedback and help you learn and grow.

Some of the things our backend developers do:

  • Write high-quality C# code on the latest .NET stack
  • Run .NET on Linux in container cluster (docker)
  • Use Infrastructure as a Code to manage cloud infrastructure (terraform.io)
  • Design distributed (micro)service architecture (currently single deployment consists of 20-30 services)
  • Work extensively with Amazon Web Services infrastructure (we use 30+ AWS services)
  • Instrument and monitor code, including Distributed Tracing (opentracing.io)

Check-out our tech stack here: https://stackshare.io/trafi/trafi