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Posted on Sunday, July 7, 2024
Remofirst provides Global payroll and compliance for remote teams. We believe in Freedom of Work. To do this, we empower Employers to be free from geographical boundaries and state lines, and we allow employees to be free to pursue opportunities wherever they may exist.

We work with a global network of Employer of Record (EoR) partners to deliver our services. An EoR is an organization that helps companies expand internationally by hiring and paying employees on behalf of another company. EoRs assume the responsibility for all formal employment tasks, including payroll processes and compliance documentation. Simply put, using an EoR allows companies to legally and efficiently employ workers in other countries without having to set up a local entity or risk violating local employment laws.

Remofirst was founded in 2021, remote-first since the very beginning. We believe in people, excellence, and delivery. To read more, please visit our website.

The Remofirst team is made up of problem solvers and overachievers, and we seek out others who are also passionate and relentless in their respective missions. The Client Success team sits at the heart of Remofirst, and supports clients from the moment they hire their first employee through our platform, and for the lifetime of their global employment journey. We work closely with our Sales, Product, and Finance colleagues to deliver a world-class experience. We also support our client’s global employees in collaboration with our network of local partners.

As a Hiring Success Manager, you will be responsible for advising and proactively guiding customers and their employees through the global employment process. This involves; providing insight about employment in the country of hire, providing a clear explanation of how to hire compliantly via an EoR, providing proactive updates on progress to all parties involved in hiring, keeping internally platforms updated, and following internal processes to ensure all steps are completed accurately. You may also be responsible for offboarding employees when they come to the end of their employment.

What you'll be doing:

  • Manage a portfolio of employees with full ownership for onboarding or offboarding them using the Remofirst platform by explaining the global employment process, gathering required documentation and data, working with 3rd parties to provide locally compliant documentation, and keeping all parties updated on progress
  • Be a global country expert on how employment works in a country for clients (supported by internal knowledge and our network of local experts) and help keep internal resources up to date
  • Keep core data up to date as relates to onboarding and offboarding employees with our global network of local partners;
  • Provide feedback on the Remofirst platform from users to our Product team for consideration for future product roadmap;
  • Keep up to date with Product releases so you are a platform expert
  • Proactively manage service issues relating to Remofirst services, providing action plans to resolve problems quickly and efficiently

What you’ll need:

  • 2+ years of experience in Account Management, Customer Support/Customer Success related roles, ideally in a SaaS platform business
  • Experience working in global HR, Payroll or Global Mobility essential


  • Time Management: You will be participating in meetings, supporting our customers, and working with local partners; then throw time zones in the mix, and that’s quite the day. You will need to be good at structuring your work day and tasks to make sure you accomplish all those things whilst maintaining a work-life balance
  • Attention to detail: Hiring people globally means being compliant in every country we operate in and translating our client’s requirements perfectly every time
  • Empathetic: you need excellent people skills to connect with clients and their employees. You will use your empathic abilities to handle all sorts of conversations with multiple audiences
  • Excellent communication skills: as we’re working with many people from all over the world, it’s important for us to communicate, quickly adapt and relay information in different ways. Excellent English (both written and verbal) is a must
  • Independent and autonomous: as we work, we’re naturally independent. As much as we’re connected you will also need to use your own initiative to solve problems and get answers; this also means reaching out to us to get help or confirm a solution
  • Collaborative: we love to work together with all sorts of different people in all sorts of different places. Everyone’s opinion matters to get the job done.
  • Motivated: we want our team to be passionate about our mission. Freedom of work applies not only to our customers but to ourselves. Additionally, you will need motivation and initiative to identify and/or support tasks that need to be improved without being asked
  • Remofirst is open to candidates of all types of experience and welcomes interest even if the track record does not match this list

Why work at Remofirst?

  • Startup environment. Remofirst is an early-stage start-up. You have a voice and can influence and grow rapidly
  • Build & Scale From Scratch. Experience hyper-growth scale and help us build a great team of professionals worldwide that can help us achieve this ambitious vision.
  • Work for a Market Leader. Scale a project that counts market-leading companies like Microsoft, Mastercard, and more as happy customers.
  • Compensation and perks are great! Competitive compensation. Work equipment of your choice. 100% remote work. PTO regulated by local statutory
  • Culture. We lead with respect, kindness, and the right to fail. We value hard yet smart work. Diversity and inclusion are part of our DNA. As we grow and evolve, we welcome your input to help us define our culture further.