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Posted on Wednesday, September 27, 2023

The Team

We’re hiring quickly and consciously, as a foundational hire, you will make a massive impact on who this team is. We’re still laying down our principles, practices and ceremonies, so bring your values sincerely and help build a cohesive, high-performing and respectful company.

You’ll report to the VP of Product and collaborate closely with the entire company. At this stage and size, there’s genuinely only one team.

What you’ll do

As a sole designer in an early stage team, you'll wear many hats and touch all aspects of design. You'll own product design on our B2B renewable energy platform products, marketing content and our user facing website, brand and more. You'll get a chance to set our design direction, build our language and assets, and make a massive impact. You'll leverage all the data you can get your hands on, and have support from a world-class team of startup veterans all along the way.

Build meaningful, valuable products

You’ll build products that get customers committed, and renewable assets installed, faster than ever before.

Our sales product is revolutionising the complex world of commercial energy solar purchasing, simplifying every step of the user journey.

Our operating product optimises every electron on our network to get maximum carbon reduction and revenue. Our customers love the savings and analytics our renewable energy comes with, and the ease of understanding and insight it provides them.

Our website evangelises our brand, educating customers and the market, and converts leads. It's our face to the world and our chance to make a great first impression.

Iterate, automate and improve

We ship quickly while keeping our eyes on the future - balancing where we want to go while making small, iterative bets on how to get there. In everything we design and build, we learn and improve on the next pass. We're not precious about our designs or code, and are always ready to be proven right or wrong.

Who you are

As an early joiner, you’ll have a massive impact on our culture and our deliveries. So, who you are is of utmost importance. It probably looks like this:

You execute

We’re earning the trust of our future customers by demonstrating the real value in what we build. So, we all need to execute to completion. You are detail-oriented and drive till your designs are in customer's hands. You’re enthusiastic about solving problems and delivering value in any challenge. You are self-directed and get things done.

You make the complex simple

We're disrupting the world of commercial renewable energy, and that gives opportunity to simplify the complex at every turn. That takes being open and comfortable with what you do and don’t know; challenging the norms (and each other), asking for help and providing help in return.

You communicate

As a remote-first company, much of our interaction is asynchronous. And as a product designer, you know that clear and precise copy is key. To fully deliver your and our ideas, passion and values you need to be an excellent communicator.

Your communication also extends to being open in giving, and receiving, feedback that brings you and the team to the next level.

You're experienced

You have at least 3 years of (ideally B2B) product design experience. You've talked to customers, translated product requirements into elegant, functional, and beautiful designs, worked closely with engineering on delivery, and measured your results to iterate.

You have some experience working in a professional engineering team and using the tools to manage your workload; Figma, Slack, Linear (or equivalents) etc.


Joining a startup this early comes with both risk and reward.

To the right person, this opportunity will accelerate your career. You’ll collaborate with an experienced team of startup builders and investors. Your high degree of autonomy and responsibility will give you a place to show how you get things done.

As one of the first to join the company, you’ll receive very generous equity alongside your salary. Salaries will be reviewed at future fundraising, and that equity has a potentially life-changing upside.

We have a bold vision to go far. So, we’re not location specific, which translates to a flexible, remote or office working environment.

Most importantly to us, you’ll be working in a culture you help to build; one that treats others how you want to be treated.