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Engineering Manager



Software Engineering, Other Engineering
Posted on Saturday, November 18, 2023

Company Level 4
Salary band £68,000 - £100,000
8% bonus (annual & discretionary & performance based)
Hybrid remote work is available

Automata is building a world-class company to disrupt the life science industry and empower scientists by making automation a reality for every lab.

We work with labs across the world to understand their specific workflows and needs and develop personalised solutions that range from diagnostic, and drug discovery to synthetic biology.

We're building our LINQ platform as a hardware and software platform. This allows us to simplify common automation tasks, while also supporting more advanced paths for specialised workflows, in a fast, flexible, and cost-efficient way.

We are looking for an Engineering Manager whose mission is to support the delivery of the LINQ Cloud and LINQ Workcell platform to provide new global multi-tenant and single-tenant environments for our customers.

Why is this role important to Automata?

Automata's platform team is growing to meet an increased demand for our LINQ automation platform from our customers in the life sciences industry.

Your Purpose

  • Lead and manage a team, supervising daily activities and delivery.
  • Allocate up to 20% of your time to technical tasks.
  • Make informed decisions about technology to achieve team objectives.
  • Oversee hiring and manage the team's budget.

Ownership and Responsibilities

  • Effectively manage a larger team.
  • Motivate the team by providing alignment through clear goals, and fostering decision-making and growth.
  • Demonstrate openness and honesty in sharing intentions, and feedback.
  • Build deep trust through dependability.
  • Utilise structured methodologies to support and refine team members' strengths and goals.
  • Invest time in laying the groundwork for the team's personal growth, including setting milestones and opportunities.

More Detail

  • Develop a team of high-performing engineers.
  • Hold regular meetings with direct reports, ensuring task completion.
  • Excel in setting clear expectations, goals, and accountabilities.
  • Provide nuanced feedback, assist with goal setting, and foster teammate growth.
  • Ensure high productivity and collective impact of the team.
  • Mentor and coach, contributing significantly to career development.
  • Communicate effectively with stakeholders about timelines, scopes, and milestones.
  • Collaborate outside your area to manage projects and lead major initiatives.
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the organisation, its vision, and its activities.
  • Focus the team on high-impact projects and demonstrate a strong track record in project execution and team development.
  • Delegate effectively and support recruitment across Engineering.

Skills and Behaviours

  • Team First Approach: Demonstrate selflessness and prioritise the team in decision-making. Provide opportunities for team members to excel.
  • Managing Difficult Conversations: Effectively handle team-level conversations, maintaining a committed and satisfied team.
  • Reliability: Be transparent about intentions and goals. Listen to and incorporate feedback, and deliver on promises.
  • Vulnerability: Seek feedback, engage in self-reflection, and share insights with the team.
  • Identifying Strengths: Recognise and cultivate individual team members' strengths and passions.
  • Supporting Team Growth: Set clear growth targets, understand expectations, and reward achievements.
  • Investing in the Process: Implement rigorous skills assessments and goal-setting, fostering focused team development.
  • Feedback on Work: Provide constructive and actionable feedback, welcoming diverse opinions and being open to having your views challenged.

    Nice to have:

    • Lab automation experience
    • Engineering background

    What gets us excited?

    We’re passionate about the future of Technology and Automation and our growing success is about teams who share our passion.

    We are looking for Senior Platform Engineers at Automata, to play a key role in designing, building, maintaining and supporting the LINQ Cloud Platform for multi-tenant and single-tenant use-cases, and the remote LINQ Workcell platform that runs lab automation workflows. You will work closely with cross-functional software and hardware teams to ensure the scalability, reliability, security and performance of the LINQ Cloud and LINQ Workcell platforms, enabling Automata to deliver lab automation solutions globally.

    If this sounds like a good fit and has ticked the right boxes, you will love having the opportunity to build something that immediately adds value.